The University of Arizona


Faculty Fellows reaches about 10,000 students each year! Here is what some students are saying about the relationship with their Faculty Fellow:

  • “I love visiting with my Faculty Fellow because she is the friendliest woman and always has a smile on her face. I remember one time I was so excited to see her dog and we began talking about my dog at home, and I could really tell she cared.”
  • “I had lunch with him and met his family. He has since helped me with conflicts I faced with other professors.”
  • “We had an event where he made ice cream out of liquid nitrogen! He taught me how making ice cream out of liquid nitrogen works. It was so great because he made sure everyone got some ice cream after his demonstration.”
  • “I went on a community bike ride with my Faculty Fellow and have since started having conversations with him unrelated to chemistry. He now plays more of an advisor role, which is nice. I can tell he genuinely cares.”


Furthermore, the majority of students who engage with Faculty Fellows report:

  • Feeling more comfortable approaching other faculty members on campus
  • Becoming more connected to the University of Arizona
  • Discovering what it means to be a college student
  • Appreciating knowing a faculty member cares about them as a student