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In The News

What Today’s Students Want Out of Their College Education

In comparison to past generations, today’s college students exhibit a more practical attitude about what they want out of their college education.

When asked to answer how much they valued outcomes such as “being able to get a better job,” or “to prepare myself for graduate and...

Facilitating Difficult Dialogue in Online Classrooms

As every faculty member knows, it can be challenging to facilitate difficult dialogue inside the classroom. But, it can be just as challenging to hold these discussions in online classrooms because students can remain relatively anonymous. 

At a recent Online Learning Consortium Innovate...


Stay ahead of the curve by being in touch with the ever-changing culture of today’s students. CatPulse gives us a snapshot of the attitudes and beliefs of UA students. We know, in real time, what it’s like to be a Wildcat today.


of Wildcats say they've learned to understand diverse perspectives at the UA.

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