The University of Arizona


The Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management has created a format that will allow you to keep track of any news and updates pertaining to our office. Here you may read about organizational changes, accomplishments, emergency updates and much more.


Reimagining the Campus Core

Imagine a place where health and wellness support academic outcomes and Silicon Valley technology are dedicated to student success. For the University of Arizona, such a vision will soon become a reality through the Launch Pad fundraising initative. The initative is designed to power student success. By transforming iconic campus landmarks into spaces designed for cutting-edge teaching and learning strategies, the UA will move to the forefront of...

A New Level of Workforce Readiness – UA’s 100% Engagement Initiative

In a recent meeting with Phoenix business leaders, Melissa Vito learned it was not business costs or supply chains that concerned them about Arizona. Rather, it was the quality of the state’s talent pipeline and educated workforce. 

Years ago, the University of Arizona anticipated these concerns and in 2015, created the 100% Engagement Initiative to address these problems. The goal was simple – to make UA graduates the most competitive in career and graduate-school...

University of Arizona Announces New Office of Transfer Credit and Articulation

In an ongoing effort to better serve the needs of transfer students, the University of Arizona will create the Office of Transfer Credit and Articulation. Spearheaded by the Office of the Provost and Student Affairs Enrollment Management/Academic Initiative Student Success (SAEM/AISS), the new office will serve as a dedicated department for current and future transfer students, providing them with access to transfer credit and articulation services. 


“As a former...