The University of Arizona

Reports & Executive Summaries

Assessment findings in the form of reports and executive summaires document our division's contribution to the Universty of Arizona's Never Settle Strategic Plan and our division's goals to recruit, retain, graduate, and foster career success for each student.

Year Report Office Description
2018 Arizona Online Student Experience - Summary 2018 Arizona Online Arizona Online spring 2018 undergraduates were invited to respond to a survey about their online student experience, including their access to course materials using D2L, their interactions with advisors and faculty, and academic-life balance. This summary highlights Arizona Online student experiences and perceptions to inform teaching, advising, and support services.
2018 Cats After Dark Assessment Report Cats After Dark Cats After Dark (CAD) is a central late night programming initiative at the University of Arizona. Assessment and attendance tracking results are highlighted in 2017-2018 with implications for future planning.
2018 Earn to Learn Freshman Cohort Retention Analysis SAEM/AISS Earn to Learn (E2L) empowers low-to-moderate-income students to successfully complete college by matching students’ $500 savings with a university matched $4,000 per student each year. A retention analysis of freshman participants consisting of four cohorts (2013-2016) was conducted to evaluate the impact of E2L on student retention.
2018 Global Experiential Learning Program Dean of Students GEL offers students invaluable opportunities to learn about diverse communities around the world and develop cultural competencies that are essential for engaging in an increasingly diverse world. This report explores the impact of the short low-cost cultural immersion trips on student experience and world view.
2018 Hispanic Alumni Scholarship & Success Express Course: Retention, Graduation, and GPA Outcomes University of Arizona Hispanic Alumni (UAHA) Scholarship Program This summary reports retention and graduation rates of five cohorts of freshman level UAHA Scholarship recipients who participated in the Success Express course.
2018 Student Legal Services Student Legal Services SLS Highlights of services rendered and satisfaction.
2018 UA Campus Recreation Graduate & Professional Student Survey Report Graduation and Professional Student Council & Campus Recreation Conducted by the Graduate & Professional Student Council (GPSC) with several campus partners during spring semester of 2018. The purpose of this assessment was to gain insight into the needs, perceptions, and usage patterns of graduate level students, to best meet their on-campus recreation requirements (equipment, services, and programming).
2018 UA Veteran Alliance Summary Veteran Education & Transition Services UA South and Veteran Education & Transition Services launched the UA Veteran Alliance in Fall 2017 to build a coalition of allies across the campus and Tucson community to better advocate, engage, and support veteran student success. The summary highlights key findings in a survey conducted among participants indicating increased knowledge, confidence in ability,s and allyship for veteran students.
2018 Unique Impact of Programs and Services on Fall 2016 Freshman Retention SSRI - Student Success and Retention Innovation A multivariate logistic regression analysis evaluated the unique contribution of first-year programs and services on retention outcomes after accounting for other factors that affect retention. Results provide staff, faculty, and leaders a better understanding of how freshman students benefit from their involvement in first year experiences by continuing into their sophomore year at the University of Arizona.
2017 Closing the Loop Summary Assessment & Research This summary communicates findings from a survey on ways in which divisional units closed the loop, which is the process of converting student and institutional performance data into action that makes a difference.
2017 MASCulinity Initiatives 2016-2017 Report Early Academic Outreach Annual report on MASCulinity (Men, Access, School, Community) Initiatives.
2017 Transfer Student Experience Transfer Student Center Summarizes data pertaining to the undergraduate transfer student experience at UA Main Campus with comparison data to 2014 findings.
2017 UA Student Well-Being: Gallup Survey Results Campus Recreation Summarizes UA undergraduate experiences of well-being and primary drivers: Engaged Students, Student Involvement, Campus Recreation, Student Support, and Student Attachment.
2016 2016 Campus Climate Survey Dean of Students The Campus Climate survey was conducted in Spring 2016 and data analysis ensued which included responses from approximately 1,700 UA students. It measures student experiences across seven topics: general UA perceptions, general academic experience, student-faculty interaction, academic advising, engagement and involvement patterns, climate for diversity, and economic climate.
2016 Alternative Spring Break 2016 Assessment Report ASUA Summary of assessment results communicating student development along The Active Citizen Continuum using a pre/post-test method.
2016 Assessment Institute Evaluation Summary SAEM/AISS The Assessment Institute provides 12 professional staff or graduate assistants the opportunity to develop and hone in on their assessment knowledge and abilities. The summary captures their reported learning and experiences within the 8 different modules attended.
2016 ASUA 2015-2016 Annual Report ASUA A comprehensive review of programs and services offered by Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) in the 2015-2016 academic year.
2016 Bear Down Camp ASUA Bear Down Camp provides a supplemental and integrative introduction to UA for freshman students. The summary communicates results on how freshman experienced and improved their connection to the university.
2016 Cats After Dark Assessment Results Fall 2016 Report Cats After Dark Cats After Dark is a collaborative central late night programming initiative at UA. The report details methods and findings from assessments of Cats After Dark in its first semester, Fall 2016.
2016 Closing the Assessment Loop Summary Assessment & Research Assessment & Research assesses how the SAEM/AISS Division is closing the assessment loop. The summary covers the type of assessment conducted in the division and methods of communicating and using the results to close the assessment loop.