The University of Arizona

2016 Cohort

Nick Sweeton

Interim Executive Director, Residence Life 

Cheryl Muller

Associate Director of Student Access and Engagement, Disability Resource Center  

Jenny Nirh

Interim Director of Fraternity and Sorority Programs 

Meghan McKenney

Program Manager of Student Financial Aide 

Linda Scheu

Associate Director of Assessment at Residence Life 

Loretta Pedraza

Assistant Director of Human Resources of Arizona Student Unions 

Dan Xayaphanh

Director of Asian Pacific Student Affairs 

Claudia Davila

Assistant Director of Student Governance and Programs 

Rosie McSweeney

Assistant Dean of Students

Josh Hill

Assistant Director of Hall Operations at Residence Life 

Stefanie Basij

Director of Freshman Recruitment and Enrollment Services 

Michelle McKelvey

Associate Director of Academic Success and Achievement 

John Lloyd

Interim Director of Campus Recreation

Andy Bryant

Assistant Director of Operations and Inventory Control, UA BookStores