The University of Arizona


The SFI Grant awards process:

1) Submit application at least one month prior to your event date

  • Keep our goals in mind when crafting your proposal!

    1. Bring the classroom to life
    2. Make a large class feel smaller
    3. Aid career readiness
  • Applications must be submitted by an instructor (faculty or graduate teaching assistant)

2) Receive email decision from program coordinator within 3 weeks of application submission date

3) Event preparation

  • Prior to event, print rosters of attendance provided by program coordinator
  • Obtain itemized, original, paid receipts from each vendor
  • Record all faculty and staff attendance at your event

4) Post-event, submit documentation to program coordinator within 5 days of your event date. Required documentation includes:

  • Rosters of attendance for faculty and students
  • Itemized, original, paid receipts