The University of Arizona


Preserving the ‘Human Element’

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a lot of potential in higher education, but can it determine which students will be the right fit for an institution?

Today, AI is seeing increased use within colleges and universities. For example, through advanced data and predictive analytics, AI has been used to streamline the student on-boarding experience and as a tool to enhance student success and retention.

In fact, some institutions are even using AI to scan through essays of incoming...

University of Arizona Calls for More Inclusion of Hispanic Students

In the midst of its recent designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution, the University of Arizona is continuing to call for the inclusion and support of Hispanic and diverse populations of students.

In a recent event hosted by the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Robert C. Robbins, president of the UA, talked about how important Hispanic students are to the university and state.

According to Robbins, university-wide efforts to continue to support Hispanic students will...

Arizona’s Innovative Solution to Scholarship Management

As every student knows, applying for scholarships can be a long, exhausting process. Between looking for external scholarships and determining eligibility requirements, students also have to determine which opportunities are legitimate.

The University of Arizona recognized this problem early on, and in response, created Scholarship Universe to streamline and solve the problem of scholarship management.

Since then,...