The University of Arizona


In Their Own Words - the Best Part About a UA Education

One of the biggest reasons why students come to the University of Arizona is for the educational experience that they can receive. In anticipation of Commencement 2018, we recently asked over 300 real UA students what stood out to them about their UA education. Here’s what they had to say:

Positive Interactions with Faculty

The UA is full of amazing professors and faculty members. In fact, programs such as Faculty Fellows exist to help students build a...

What Today’s Students Want Out of Their College Education

In comparison to past generations, today’s college students exhibit a more practical attitude about what they want out of their college education.

When asked to answer how much they valued outcomes such as “being able to get a better job,” or “to prepare myself for graduate and professional school,” over 7 out of 10 millennials and Gen Xers said making money was the most...

Facilitating Difficult Dialogue in Online Classrooms

As every faculty member knows, it can be challenging to facilitate difficult dialogue inside the classroom. But, it can be just as challenging to hold these discussions in online classrooms because students can remain relatively anonymous. 

At a recent Online Learning Consortium Innovate conference, Joshua Steele, senior director of University of Arizona Online, and Melody Buckner, director of digital and online education, talked about the innovative ways UA Online are creating a...