The University of Arizona

Wildcats Stand Out on Paper and in the Workplace

According to recent employer satisfaction data from the University of Arizona, more than 9 out of 10 employers rate the resumes of UA students as good/excellent.

First impressions are everything and thanks to the UA's new model of career success, which unites Career Services, the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Programs, under the single unit of UA Student Engagement and Career Development, Wildcats are leading the way in job and graduate school markets. 

Last year, findings revealed 86 percent of all UA students accepted jobs or entered graduate school three months after their graduation date. In addition, two-thirds of the recent graduating class in Spring 2017 said they had already accepted job offers or placement in graduate schools before taking their finals.

Critically, the UA is continuing to stay ahead of the curve in preparing its students for career sucees. UA Student Engagement and Career Development flips the traditional model of career development on its head to match the dynamic needs of today's students.  

Rather than treating career development as an event or appointment, the new unit integrates career exploration, skill building, and leadership experiences into a career development life cycle. As a result, career development is integrated into the entire student experience. This means students are getting connected to engagement opportunities, skill building programs, and networking with employers earlier and more effectively.