The University of Arizona

UA Set to Open Coding Boot Camp in Tucson

In an increasingly digital and mobile world, the University of Arizona is set to launch the UA Coding Boot Camp in Tucson, a program that will teach students the basics of web-development skills in a span of just 24 weeks. 

The program, offered through UA Continuing and Professional Education, is a critical investment in the future success of Arizona's workforce, filling market needs for web developers and tech professionals. 

The UA Coding Boot Camp, has already achieved great popularity and success in Arizona. The program began with a single cohort of 25 students and has grown to five cohorts across multiple locations, including one in Chandler and Gilbert.

Critically, students will will learn the coding skills needed to build dynamic end-to-end web applications. These technologies include Javascript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Java, and more. They will also have access to career-planning services and professional networks. This includes portfolio reviews, resume and social media profile support, and one-on-one career coaching. 

To learn more about the UA Coding Boot Camp in Tucson, including how to sign-up, click here. For full coverage of the story from KGUN9, click here