The University of Arizona

UA Grads Find More Post-College Success, Says Gallup

UA graduates find more post-college success and are more likely to report a greater feeling of well-being, according to findings from Gallup's recent study with the UA. 

The study examines the well-being and career outcomes of UA alumni and students. Findings point to a superior student experience.

9 out of 10 UA students felt their education was worth the cost. In addition, 63 percent reported their professors made them feel excited about learning, a driving factor for preparedness in job markets.

Additionally, UA grads are more likely to have a job waiting for them after graduation and are more likely to report they’ve found their ideal job. Unsurprisingly, UA grads are also significantly more likely to report feeling a strong emotional connection to their school.

Mikayla Mace of the Arizona Daily Star has full coverage of the article. Click here to read all about it! To learn more about the UA’s partner study with Gallup and to download full survey results, visit