The University of Arizona

Increased Outreach, Student Engagement, Leads to UA's Most Diverse Class Yet

Thanks in large part to increased student outreach, engagement, and financial aid opportunities, the University of Arizona brought in the most diverse class in school history, with 46 percent of students coming from diverse backgrounds. 

In comparison to the 2016 student class, the "number of African American freshmen has risen from 5.9 percent to 6.4 percent, the number of Hispanic freshmen rose from 24.6 percent to 27.2 percent and the number of Pacific Islander and Asian American freshmen also increased their representation this semester," according to Shaq Davis, reporter for the Arizona Daily Wildcat. 

In addition to being the most diverse class, the new cohort also ranks high in academic achievement. 

According to enrollment data, academic performance of incoming freshmen from Arizona is at an all-time high with a 39 percent increase in students with a cumulative 3.5 high school GPA and scoring above 1300 on the SAT.

This increase can be attributed to the additional financial aid students received for taking rigorous courses in high school such as AP or honors credit. 

Best of all, UA students have access to an array of engagement opportunities that ensures they will build career-ready skills and have a uniquely engaged student experience. 

For example, last spring, the UA launched a program called Build the Skill: Collaboration, which was piloted to help students gain the collaborative skills employers look for in the workplace. 

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