The University of Arizona

Gallup: UA Grads Happier, More Successful than Peers Nationally

University of Arizona alumni lead remarkable lives, according to recent findings from UA’s partner study with Gallup.

Gallup surveyed more than 4,200 UA alumni who received a bachelor's degree between 1949 and 2016 about their collegiate, professional and personal experiences. Results were then compared against graduates from peer institutions and Pac-12 Conference Schools.

Findings show that in comparison to national peers, UA alumni are significantly more likely to be thriving in each element of well-being — purpose, social, financial, community and physical. In addition, UA graduates were morel likely to report having a job waiting for them after graduation.

Gallup also surveyed more than 3,200 current UA students. Findings show Wildcats of today believe the University is doing a good or very good job at developing students' ability to work in a group setting (83 percent), developing students' problem-solving or critical-thinking abilities (82 percent) and teaching students written communication skills for a professional setting (76 percent). 

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