The University of Arizona

Arizona’s Innovative Solution to Scholarship Management

As every student knows, applying for scholarships can be a long, exhausting process. Between looking for external scholarships and determining eligibility requirements, students also have to determine which opportunities are legitimate.

The University of Arizona recognized this problem early on, and in response, created Scholarship Universe to streamline and solve the problem of scholarship management.

Since then, Scholarship Universe has had a profound impact on UA students and staff.  

Today, the mobile app sports a 70 percent student adoption rate and a 95 percent internal adoption rate, with more than 65 departments/units using it to seamlessly manage scholarships with differing requirements. 

Last year, UA students used the application to earn more than $6 million in external private scholarships.

Scholarship Universe features an adaptive matching engine that filters through scholarships and provide relevant funding opportunities tailored specific to a student’s profile. The system also delivers:

  • A streamlined, personalized student experience
  • Centralized, customized scholarship management
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Sleek thank-you letter management

Today, Scholarship Universe is expanding to other institutions, creating more opportunities for students to gain a postsecondary education, through a partnership with CampusLogic.

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