The University of Arizona

100% Engagement, 100% Exposure to Career

Learning, professional development, and personal growth occur in a variety of settings and experiences on and off campus. From exploration of music in the subways of Paris, to conservation work in southwest Arizona and collaboration with high-impact businesses nationwide, student engagement at the UA also takes on multiple dimensions.

Best of all, these dynamic experiences prepare students directly for the workforce. The University of Arizona’s 100% Engagement Initiative, created in 2015 to ensure every UA student has the opportunity to integrate and apply their knowledge through real-world experiential learning, is a reflection of this understanding. Through the program’s unique design, students learn the essential skills and competencies that employers look for in the workplace, including how to problem-solve, communicate and collaborate with others.

Today, 100% Engagement students are already making an impact in the job market. In addition to providing Arizona with a more talented workforce, students who have completed an engaged learning experience and utilized the UA’s career services offerings earned roughly $5,000 more in starting salaries than the national starting salary average for college grads, according to recent findings from the UA’s Office of Assessment and Research.

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