The University of Arizona

100% Engagement’s Impact on Students and Faculty

UA’s 100% Engagement Initiative inspires students to translate and apply their learning within and beyond the classroom into transformative practices and experiences that impact their professional and personal lives. The following is the second of a three-part series that highlights the growth and impact of 100% Engagement on students, faculties, and the state of Arizona. 

Student Impact

100% Engagement’s impact can be seen in the way UA students are approaching career exploration. Today, Wildcats are beginning career exploration earlier in their college career.

“Students are understanding much earlier on that they have access to opportunities and experiences here that will set them up to be successful and to do well professionally in their field,” said Annie Kurtin, Associate Director of Student Engagement.

Findings from UA’s 2016 Campus Climate Survey show that 42 percent of the freshmen class have already begun looking at career fields and thinking about how their academic major aligns with their career interests.

Students are also utilizing 100% Engagement to safely explore different career options and careers paths, according to Jessica Litvack, Senior Coordinator of Student Engagement.

“100% Engagement allows students to take a deeper look at their career interests and determine if it is a path they would like to continue pursuing. It’s extremely valuable because students can come out of the experience saying ‘I have confirmed this is exactly what I want to do’ or ‘maybe this is not for me.’”

Staff and Faculty Impact

100% Engagement also has a large impact on UA staff and faculty. Due to the innovative and interdisciplinary nature of the initiative, new courses and extra-curricular opportunities are created on a daily basis by UA’s faculty and staff members, including engagement experiences outside of the classroom via non-credit experiences.

“The initiative brings a lot of excitement and innovation to the university because our colleges and faculties interpret engagement in different ways,” said Kurtin.

For example, the College of Engineering organizes interdisciplinary teams of seniors to collaborate on industry-sponsored projects, including sponsorships from organizations such as Raytheon, Microsoft, and NASA, to design tools and technologies that solve today’s problems.

Students’ effort culminates on Engineering Design Day when they present their final projects to industry judges and to the Tucson community, competing for thousands of dollars in awards for innovation and excellence.

UA Engineering Design Day 2017: This year, seniors from UA Yuma took home the Raytheon Award for Best Overall Design for their design of a drone that can pollinate date palm trees. 

Engagement experiences are growing. Today, students have access to 475 engaged learning courses and over 50 non-credit 100% Engagement experiences. This year alone, the number of official 100% Engagement experiences increased 25 percent.