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A divisional core value is to work in partnership with all areas of the university, a critical component being our academic colleagues. SAEM/AISS provides numerous resources to all UA faculty, a sampling of which is represented here.

Our Goals

Engaging our academic colleagues in ongoing collaborations is a divisional core value. To that end, the SAEM/AISS offers two signature programs - Faculty Fellows and Student/Faculty Interaction (SFI) Grants – that strive to:

  • Connect UA students to the faculty and to the UA community
  • Create an individual experience for students 
  • Help students apply their classroom knowledge to real world situations


How We Do It

Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows is a group of over 55 outstanding UA faculty dedicated to undergraduate student engagement. Each appointed Faculty Fellow is assigned a site varying from residence halls to cultural centers or resource centers. Faculty Fellows:

  • Create avenues for student/faculty relationship building;
  • Help make a large school feel much smaller; and
  • Foster students’ connection to UA as a whole.


Student/Faculty Interaction (SFI) Grants

Student/Faculty Interaction (SFI) Grants award grants to instructors to fund activities that enhance their course curriculum and deepen learning and the student/faculty relationship. SFI Grant funded programs:

  • Bring the classroom to life
  • Make a large class feel smaller 
  • Aid career readiness

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