The University of Arizona

Assessment, Research, & Grant Development

Assessment & Research works to increase assessment skills of SAEM/AISS personnel through training, consulting, and collaboration.

Our mission is to provide Student Affairs and Enrollment Management with an innovative resource to encourage the integration of assessment into unit goals, planning and daily practice by facilitating the education of personnel, collaborating in the practice of assessment and serving as a hub for assessment information and activity.

Assessment and Research Services

  • Training: facilitate educational opportunities to increase assessment knowledge and skills
  • Consultation: deliver individualized recommendations and resources for unit and program assessment 
  • Data Analysis: transform data into actionable-insights through analysis and interpretation 
  • Communication Plan: co-design effective communication strategies to share assessment findings
  • Resource: serve as student affairs assessment and research content experts

Assessment Champion Award 

The Assessment Champion is an individual or department within the division that demonstrates the ability to intentionally integrate assessment into their planning, practice, and improvement of their unit. Nominations are accepted in fall and the award recipient is recognized at the annual Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Academic Initiatives and Student Success Division Symposium. 

  • 2017 - Damien Snook, New Student Orientation
  • 2016 – Janelle Holyoak, Campus Recreation
  • 2015 – Jen Hoefle Olson, LGBTQ Affairs; Peggy Glider, Lauren Pring, and Pat Manning, Campus Health Services
  • 2014 – Janette Mariscal Montalvo, Early Academic Outreach
  • 2013 – Corey Seemiller, Leadership Programs
  • 2012 – Linda Scheu, Residence Life