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Board Documents & Reports

Board Documents including; Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes, Annual Project Allocation Report, and Advices to the Vice President of Student Affairs for recommended project funding.

In an effort to be transparent, the board publishes agendas and minutes from all official Board meetings, as well as a yearly Allocation Report. It is important to note that for the current fiscal year, the numbers in the Allocation Report are considered 'budgeted numbers' and may represent salaries, ERE, and may be slightly different from those issued at the end of the year. This adjustment is minute and is absorbed by the 'Reserve' portion of the fee. All past Allocation Reports are accurate.

Also note that many documents previously housed in this section (e.g., Program Alteration Requests, Advices to the VP, Memos) are now attached directly to the original proposal and available for viewing in the Proposals & Projects section. For documents pertaining to older proposals, please visit the Board Documents & Reports Archive.

Agendas & Minutes








Allocation Reports & Advices

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