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UA Coding Boot Camps Help Students, Arizona Businesses Succeed

In today’s world, digital technology permeates every aspect of a company’s business operations.

From accounting firms to marketing agencies, to even legal firms, employers actively look for professionals with the tech skills to help their business thrive.

But today, there also exists a national shortage of tech professionals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 50,000 tech jobs cannot be filled on a yearly basis, with web development ranking as one of...

Vincent Del Casino Jr. on Big Data and the Future of Higher Education

New technologies have much to offer to colleges, but there are also inherent risks involved that may outweigh the benefits, writes Vincent Del Casino Jr., Vice President for Academic Initiatives & Student Success at the University of Arizona, in the latest article from Inside Higher Ed.

Today, few universities operate without technological...

Micro-Campuses 1 of 5 Trends "Poised to Shake Up Higher Ed in 2018"

The University of Arizona and its micro-campuses are one of five trends poised to shake up higher education in 2018, according to a recent article by Education Dive

While international enrollment at American universities have declined...