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The Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management has created a format that will allow you to keep track of any news and updates pertaining to our office. Here you may read about organizational changes, accomplishments, emergency updates and much more.


UA Innovates Traditional Models to Help Non-Traditional Students

The University of Arizona is ahead of the curve in serving and ensuring non-traditional students find success. 

Across the United States, colleges and universities are seeing an increase in the number of non-traditional students seeking postsecondary education. These students often deal with obstacles such a mobility, family obligations, and current career. 

Through new educational offerings, such as the UA's first-of-its-kind global micro-campus model and UA Online, non-...

UA, Caterpillar Partnership Expands Innovation in Tucson

Caterpillar is driving technology and innovation forward in Tucson, thanks in large part to its partnership with the University of Arizona.

Last year, Caterpillar relocated their Surface Mining and Technology Division from Illinois to Tucson. In order to hit the ground running, the UA and Caterpillar teamed up to create the 360 Mining Program - a custom educational experience that provides Caterpillar employees with a curriculum tailored to match industry needs. 


UA Aims to Prepare Students for Careers of the Future

With the fourth industrial revolution on the horizon, the University of Arizona is aiming to stay ahead of the curve in workforce development and career readiness. In a recent luncheon with Sun Corridor Inc., UA President, Robert C. Robbins outlined his vision of the University as leaders in a new era of technology. 

Today, 77 percent of parents and teenagers are concerned about having a successful job or career in the future due to the threat of automation, according to a recent...