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The Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management has created a format that will allow you to keep track of any news and updates pertaining to our office. Here you may read about organizational changes, accomplishments, emergency updates and much more.


CatPulse - New Student Edition!

With students on the University of Arizona main campus for orientation, we saw an opportunity to get real feedback from incoming Wildcats about their impressions of the UA. This week, we asked students "what excites you the most about the UA?"

The Growth and Impact of the Blue Chip Leadership Experience – Pt. 1

In 1999, the Blue Chip Leadership Experience was created at the University of Arizona to inspire student leaders on campus. Today, Blue Chip has emerged as a nationally renowned engagement program, creating over 750 Real-World Ready leaders at the UA on a yearly basis.  

We sat down with Blue Chip staff members Jessica Hill and Devon Thomas to talk about the immense growth of Blue Chip in the past few years and the impact the...

Recap of UA’s Second Annual CIHE Symposium

Inclusion, civil dialogue, and the protection of free speech and expression were themes prevalent throughout UA's second annual Constitutional Issues in Higher Education (CIHE) symposium. For UA students and community members, it was a prime opportunity for them to reflect on the different views and opinions of free speech on campus. 

Shaq Davis, UA student and Arizona Daily Wildcat reporter, attended the symposium and wrote a recap of his experience. You can check it out...