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Four Questions: The New Workforce Solution

In higher education, employers, parents and students maintain an unspoken expectation that graduates will leave their institutions with workforce-ready skills. With the UA's Commencement ceremony to be held May 12, Melissa Vito, the UA's senior vice president for Student Affairs, Enrollment Management and Strategic Initiatives, discusses how the concept of "workforce readiness" has evolved and what that evolution has meant for higher-education institutions.


UA Caterpillar Leaders at UA's Student Unions

Taking the Next Step in Workforce Preparation

Are colleges and universities providing students with the skills to succeed in the job market?

According to a recent Phoenix Business Journal article, they’re not – but the UA is stepping in to teach its graduates the skills companies look for in new hires. Just three years ago, the UA created the 100% Engagement Initiative to address the skill gap in the labor market...

CatPulse Wednesday - UA Parents on Career Readiness

In a recent Wildcat Family Pulse survey, nearly 9 out of 10 UA parents expressed confidence in the university's ability to provide their student(s) with marketable, career ready skills. 

For institutions of higher education, there has always been an unspoken expectation from employers, parents, and students alike, that graduates will leave their institution with workforce and career ready skills. But in recent years, it seems many colleges and universities aren't holding up their end...