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17 Things We Learned About Wildcats in 2017

With Commencement today, we've put together a special edition of CatPulse to highlight the best things we've learned about our students and their families this year. These are REAL responses from 250 REAL UA students and 300 UA family members.  

1. They've got big dreams...


Commencement by the Numbers

Commencement is one of the most exciting times of the year at the University of Arizona. This year’s Commencement is no exception, shaping up to be one of the biggest graduation ceremonies in UA history.

This Friday, the UA will host their 153rd Commencement ceremony. Approximately 4,000 graduating undergraduate and graduate students are expected to attend, in addition to over 40,000 guests. 300 volunteers will also be on hand to assist families and students.

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UA Named One of America's Best Value Colleges by Forbes

Perhaps now more than ever, students and parents alike are asking the question, "is college worth it"? Last year, it ranked as one of Google's most asked questions, topping nearly 300 million hits. Today, many families remain interested in pursuing a Bachelor's degree, but only if the school delivers a worthwhile return on investment. 

According to a recent...