The University of Arizona

Assessment Coordinating Council

The SAEM/AISS Coordinating Council (SAEM/AISS ACC) is a volunteer committee of professionals from all areas of SAEM/AISS who are interested in advancing divisional capacity for quality and valid assessment and research. The SAEM/AISS ACC meets quarterly to share and coordinate ongoing assessment projects; discuss and troubleshoot assessment-related issues within the division; and create and promote assessment professional development opportunities.

If you are interested in joining the SAEM/AISS ACC, please contact Assessment & Research.

Statement of Vision and Mission


Assessment in the division of SAEM/AISS is integrated into the life of the division, is intentional and coherent, is guided by theories and knowledge of learning and development, is reflective of developmental and demographic profiles of the student population and is responsive to the needs of individuals, diverse and special populations and relevant constituencies.


The SAEM/AISS Assessment Coordinating Council helps to guide quality and valid assessment and research in the division of SAEM/AISS. The SAEM/AISS ACC also evaluates whether divisional outcomes/goals are being achieved based on a comprehensive plan of assessment across the division.

The SAEM/AISS ACC provides comprehensive descriptions of student characteristics, determines whether professional standards of assessment are being met, and analyzes the combined effectiveness of programs and services for students based on resultant assessment data. Results of the SAEM/AISS ACC are to be disseminated to appropriate personnel and students in the institution, in support of the division mission and goals. The SAEM/AISS ACC will work to increase divisional capacity for quality and valid assessment and research.