The University of Arizona

Workshops & Trainings

Assessment & Research, with assistance from the SAEM/AISS Assessment Coordinating Council, is pleased to host or support a variety of assessment workshops and trainings. 

Suffering is Optional:  5 Steps to Grant Writing Ease
Wednesday, October 17
8:30 – 10:00am
Location: SUMC 100% Engagement - Studio 248
You have an idea but with mountains of webpages or paper to sift through before the writing begins, grant development can seem overwhelming.  Finding additional funds is easier than you think and there are many UA resources to support you in the challenges of proposal development and the submission process.  With five steps, even the novice can get organized and set the goal to write his or her first grant.  Your ideas and research questions are worth further development and funding. 
This professional development opportunity will outline fundamental steps that demystify grant writing, introduce resources available, and initiate the process of proposal writing.     
As a result of participating in this session you will:
  • Identify foundational steps in beginning the grant writing process
  • Recognize opportunities for institutional support
  • Write the beginning of a proposal for your idea
Presented by:
Cindy Trejo, Assessment, Research & Grant Development
On-Demand Assessment Workshops & Trainings

Host a tailored workshop at an upcoming department meeting or strategic planning session to advance your assessment strategies on student learning.  Contact to submit a request for one of the below offerings. Our office will be in contact shortly after to hear more about your needs and to setup an available time. 

Preparing for HLC 2020 Reaccreditation: Student Learning Assessment Start-to-Finish
As educators, intentionally designed and assessed student learning is critical to our success. University of Arizona’s Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditors also expect to have robust assessment of student learning and resulting evidence. This hands-on training will actively engage participants through culturally responsive assessment practices in the nuts and bolts of writing student learning outcomes, designing methods for measuring if outcomes were met or not, and discuss how results should be communicated and used for improvement purposes to enhance future student learning.

Developing and Using Rubrics: An Advantageous Method for Assessing Student Learning

Rubrics are valuable tools in the assessment of student learning and development outcomes. A well-designed rubric can help clarify and measure value or convoluted outcomes, involve students more deeply in the assessment of their learning, and improve the consistency of measurement. In this workshop, participants will learn about the common components of a rubric, take a hands-on approach to creating a rubric through a guided multi-step process, and discuss strategies on how to analyze and share the results of their rubric assessment. Afterwards a brief tutorial of how to use Campus Lab’s Rubrics tool is provided. This available service gives individuals editable ready-to-go rubric templates and simplifies the administration process and analysis of results.