The University of Arizona

Leadership Team

Kasey Urquidez

Vice President, Enrollment & Student Affairs Advancement

Dean, Undergraduate Admissions

Reporting Staff
Beth Acree
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Advancement and University Registrar
Arezu Corella
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management, Operations and Systems Management
Rafael Meza
Senior Director of Inclusive Excellence and Community Development
Rachel Rivera
Director of SAEM/AISS Development
Dani Rollins
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Planning and Recruitment
Jacqueline Siqueiros
Director of Business Affairs
Laura Teso
Executive Associate to the Vice President and Dean
Mary Venezia
Director of Enrollment Initiatives and Special Events
Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr.

Vice President, Academic Initiatives & Student Success

Reporting Staff
Melody Buckner
Director of Digital Learning and Online Education
Cynthia Demetriou
Associate Vice President for Student Success and Retention Innovation
Kara Forney
Director of Corporate Initiatives and Business Development
Abra McAndrew
Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement and Career Development
John Mosbach
Associate Athletics Director and Director of CATS Academics
Suzana Diaz Rosencrans
Director of Undergraduate Online Recruitment
Joshua Steele
Senior Director of UA Online
Kendal Washington White

Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Dean of Students

Reporting Staff
Sevapriya Barrier
Senior Associate Dean of Students
Teresa Graham Brett
Associate Dean of Students
Ben Champion
Director of Sustainability
Brett Fera
Director of Arizona Student Media
Amanda Kraus

Director of Disability Resource Center & Interim Director of Housing and Residential Life

Kris Kreutz
Interim Executive Director of Campus Health
Cody Nicholls
Assistant Dean of Students
Maria Serrano

Director of Finance & Administration & Executive Associate

Susan Wilson
Senior Investigator for Title IX
Joel Hauff

Associate Vice President, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Executive Director, Online & Distance Education & Administration

Reporting Staff
Chad Berman
Head Coach of Club Ice Hockey
Leah Chavez
Program Director of Testing Office
Rebecca Cook
Director of Continuing Education
Jocelyn Gehring
Program Director, Office of Youth Safety
Tannya Hodges
Regional Coordinator of Arizona Outreach Program Yuma
Teresa Whetzel
Director of Finance Administration
Alan Ziegler
Systems Administrator of Applications Management
Jen Meyers Pickard

Assistant Vice President, Divisional Initiatives & Planning

Reporting Staff
Marla Franco
Director of Assessment and Research
Bruce Grissom
SAEM/AISS Central Office Administrative Manager
Caitlin Kerrigan
Coordinator for Faculty Programs
Alex Robie
Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives
Cindy Trejo
Grant Writer
Debby Shively

Assistant Vice President, Entrepreneurial Services and Business Development

Reporting Staff
Todd Millay
Director of Arizona Student Unions
Michele Schwitzky
Interim Director of Campus Recreation
David Miller

Director, Strategic Communications

Reporting Staff
Kethia Kong
Program Coordinator for SAEM/AISS
Dillon Nakata
Marketing Analyst
Christie Harper

Assistant Vice President for SAEM/AISS Marketing

Reporting Staff
Magan Alfred
Director of Student Affairs Marketing
Melody Buckner
Interim Dean of University of Arizona South