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Mini Grants Application Details

Now accepting applications for Mini Grant Funding, apply here.


The Committee allocates up to $30,000 per year for Mini Grant projects, with a cap of $1,500 per proposal. Mini Grant proposals are accepted September through March or until funding is exhausted. Proposals should be submitted at least two months prior to the project's anticipated start date. This will allow time for the Committee to thoroughly review each proposal and distribute funds accordingly. All Mini Grant-funded projects must be completed by June 30th regardless of their start date. Proposals should be submitted at least nine days before a Green Fund Committee open meeting in order to be added to the agenda and considered at the next open meeting. Consult the home page for open meeting dates.

The Green Fund Mini Grants program is designed to fund projects that implement applied solutions to UA campus sustainability challenges. Mini Grants cannot cover travel, but may be used for research when the research aligns with the mission of the Green Fund. Mini Grants may also be used to fund students' hourly wages, as long as the project adheres to all rules and regulations listed in the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid Student Employment Manual.

Green Fund Committee Mission Statement

The Green Fund Committee allocates funding for projects designed to make the University of Arizona a more environmentally sustainable institution. Criteria for grants vary, but with a focus on sustainability and an emphasis on student involvement and campus collaboration, the Committee has offered funding to projects in the past that worked to:

·        Increase the percentage of renewable energy used at the UA,

·        Improve energy efficiency of campus buildings,

·        Promote water conservation,

·        Reduce the amount of waste generated on campus,

·        Provide socially just solutions to environmental problems, and

·        Promote education, research, and outreach initiatives directly related to environmental sustainability at the UA.

Project Guidelines

·        Projects must directly address the environmental sustainability of the University of Arizona.

·        Projects must directly or indirectly benefit students of the University of Arizona.

·        Projects that come with matching funds are preferred.

·        Projects must be completed within six months of funding, or by June 30th–whichever comes first.

NEW: Required Proposal Information

Submit for review NO MORE than a 2 page project proposal, addressing, but not limited to the following points.

Proposals should:

·        Provide a description of the project, its members and funding requests

·        Identify how the project meets the Green Fund's Mission and specifically engages students

·        Provide the reasons for creating the project and its planned longevity

·        State goals and how they will be measured

·        An brief explanation of how the program or position addresses the student priorities identified in the annual Green Fund survey. The Green Fund annual survey results can be found here.

Proposals should be clear, concise and informative. Proposals are the primary source of information for members of the Green Fund Committee, who refer to them frequently when making funding decisions. Applicants are required to identify the Project Manager who will lead or supervise the project and the Fiscal Officer who will oversee the financial transactions for the proposal. Both signees have to be University of Arizona staff or faculty.


Please include a detailed budget using the Excel budget template available here. In addition, use the bottom of the template to itemize all sources of matching funding (including in-kind) in support of the proposed project—including funding that has been applied for but not yet awarded.

Mini Grant Final Report

A final report must be submitted via the Green Fund website within 30 days of project completion. Final reports should:

1.   Outline anticipated impacts and outcomes from original Green Fund proposal

2.   Provide summary of actual impacts, especially benefits to UA students and sustainability goals.

3.   Discuss differences between desired and actual impacts and outcomes with a goal of improving the Green Fund Committee's understanding of similar projects that may be proposed in the future.

4. Attach an updated spreadsheet indicating how much project funding was spent. If all funds were not spent, work with the business manager to transfer funds not spent on the project back to the Green Fund.


Comments or questions about the Mini Grant application process may be submitted via the Green Fund Committee's online form.