The University of Arizona

UA Provides New Solutions for Continuing Learners

The University of Arizona is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for students and it shows in the way the University supports non-traditional and continuing learners. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 38 percent of college students today are over the age of 25 and this number is projected to increase another 23 percent by 2019.

Many, if not most, of these students are working professionals who are either looking to advance their existing career or change careers entirely by picking up the essential technical skills to enter a specialized field. 

The UA recognized this need years ago and in response, expanded degree offerings to provide continuing learners with a multitude of options to fit their unique educational need. These options include in-person and online classes, expanded programs, including hybrids of on-campus and off-campus classes, as well as certificate programs and degrees in high-demand fields such as web development and cybersecurity. 

The UA Coding Boot Camp, a certificate program that teaches students the basics of web development in just 24 weeks, has already achieved great popularity and success in Arizona due to its ability to produce flexible, adaptable workers.

In addition, innovative offerings such as Fast Track: Adobe Creative Cloud and Fast Track: Digital Marketing allow students to earn microcredentials in highly focused educational programs, in addition to opportunities to gain workforce ready skills and interact with real employers and businesses in the field. 

These offerings, as well as the UA's student-centered approach, which is dedicated to connecting students with the best support services and helping students find the best fit for their needs, are a big part of why continuing and professional learners are thriving at the UA today. 

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