The University of Arizona

CatPulse Wednesday - UA Parents on Career Readiness

In a recent Wildcat Family Pulse survey, nearly 9 out of 10 UA parents expressed confidence in the university's ability to provide their student(s) with marketable, career ready skills. 

For institutions of higher education, there has always been an unspoken expectation from employers, parents, and students alike, that graduates will leave their institution with workforce and career ready skills. But in recent years, it seems many colleges and universities aren't holding up their end of the deal. 

For example, in a  2014 survey by Gallup, only one third of business leaders agreed graduates had the necessary skills and competencies to succeed in the workplace. In comparison, an Inside Higher Ed survey in 2014 found that 96 percent of chief academic officers believed they were doing well in preparing their students for success in the work force. 

Data suggests a different story at the UA. In a recent national survey, 92 percent of employers who recruit at the UA rate UA grads as having the skills necessary to succeed on the job, exceeding their peers by 62 percent. UA graduates are also among the world's most employable according to the Global Employabiltiy survey, which ranks the UA 13th among American public universities. 

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