The University of Arizona

CatPulse Wednesday - Wildcats on What They Like Most About the UA

With commencement approaching, we asked students in a recent CatPulse survey to identify what they liked the most about the UA. Nearly 1 out of 4 students said they enjoyed the beauty of the campus the most, closely followed by the university’s academic environment.

Such a finding brings up the question, does campus beauty matter?

For many UA students, campus beauty did play a major role in their college decision. Many said they knew the UA was the right place for them as soon as they stepped on campus and alluded to the university’s abundant campus resources and collegial atmosphere.

Here’s a selection of what Wildcats said about their campus: 

“I love the scenery and openness on the mall. The atmosphere is always great and everyone is super friendly.”

“I love the campus and how it is set up. You meet some of the best people here and the professors are so passionate about their subject area.”

“There’s a relaxed atmosphere and community feeling on campus. Plus, some of the best weather you can ever find.” 

“It’s such a positive and encouraging atmosphere. For me, it just felt like home.” 

But what about at other colleges and universities?  

A 2015 article in University Business found that many institutions were putting a lot of resources and effort into improving the looks of their campuses. Not only because it serves as a tool for recruitment, but also as a source of pride and reputation. 

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