The University of Arizona

UA Becomes West's 1st Adobe Creative Campus

Photo by: Kelly Presnell / Arizona Daily Star

University of Arizona has announced an agreement with Adobe to provide its student body the full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud software, making the institution the company's first West Coast Adobe Creative Campus and just the fifth school in the country to earn this recognition for its commitment to creative and digital literacy among its students. 

The agreement represents a shared philosophy between Adobe and the UA as each attempts to reshape the 21st-century student experience. 

“Adobe and the University of Arizona are each committed to a world in which students are fluent in the technologies and tools that will serve them on campus and make them invaluable professionals," said Jonathan Hammond, Adobe vice president for North American education.


"Students always learn best by doing and making, so by fostering creative problem-solving through Adobe's Creative Cloud, we know that we can improve student outcomes and stimulate new thinking in any field."


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