The University of Arizona


Preparing More Graduates to be Workforce Ready

Statistics show that UA graduates are among the most knowledgeable and workforce-ready students in the nation. In comparison, only one-third of US business leaders nationally feel that college graduates leave school with the necessary skills and competencies to succeed in the workplace, according to a 2014 Gallup survey.

In the midst of this national gap in workforce readiness, the University of Arizona created the “100% Engagement Initiative” to produce more graduates who are ready...

100% Engagement, 100% Exposure to Career

Learning, professional development, and personal growth occur in a variety of settings and experiences on and off campus. From exploration of music in the subways of Paris, to conservation work in southwest Arizona and collaboration with high-impact businesses nationwide, student engagement at the UA also takes on multiple dimensions.

Best of all, these dynamic experiences prepare students directly for the workforce. The University of Arizona’s 100% Engagement Initiative, created in...

Success District Represents the Epitome of the UA Experience

Success is getting a dedicated space at the University of Arizona.

The all-new student “success district” will be a reimagining of the college student experience. The project aims to create a campus core that captures the best of the UA’s academics, research, student support, and success services, which will power academic and career success for students from day one.

At the new space, students will be able to move from group meetings in expanded collaboration spaces, to...