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98 Percent of Transfer Students Recommend the UA

According to a recent report by Assessment & Report, 98 percent of transfer students would recommend the University of Arizona to other students.

Transfer students are a vital part of the UA, as evidenced by the University’s efforts to create initiatives that better serve the needs of transfer students.


5 Seconds with Kasey Urquidez

With the school year set to start in less than two weeks, we caught up with Kasey Urquidez, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Student Affairs Advancement, and Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, to get her thoughts on incoming Wildcats and the future of admissions.

UA Micro-Campuses an Innovative Approach to International Education, Says Wonkhe

The University of Arizona's 'micro-campus model' is an innovative approach to international education, according to a recent article by Wonkhe.

Two years ago, the UA created its first 'micro-campus' in Qingdao, China at Ocean University to provide international students with seamless access to a world-class UA education and the ability to earn dual degrees from their local institution and the UA. 

Since then, the UA has added another micro-campus in Cambodia at the American...