The University of Arizona


Top 5 Things We Learned About UA Student Health & Wellness

College can be a trying and challenging time for students. In between balancing their school and social life, students also have to work, maintain relationships and career plan, which often leaves health and wellness far down the priority list. 

In the spirit of Healthy Campus Week, we conducted a survey with 350 real UA students about their personal health and wellness. Here’s what we learned: 

5. Mental health tops students’ curiosity.


UA, Online Learning Consortium Host Conference to Shape Future of Online Education

The University of Arizona is set to become just the fifth institution selected by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) to imagine the future of online education. 

Starting Sept. 27th to Sept. 29th, the UA will bring leaders in online education to campus for a day of discussion, debate, and ideation. An examination of the challenges and impact of digital learning in higher education is on tap, as well as a discussion of emerging trends shaping online learning today, including virtual...

Student Involvement, Engagement Thrives at UA

Student involvement and engagement thrives at the University of Arizona. With over 600 clubs and organizations available and over 20,000 students involved in these offerings, opportunities are endless for students to meet people with similar interests and find community. 

In the 2016 Campus Climate survey, 84 percent of undergraduate students said they attended campus events or activities, and 7 out of 10 were involved with at least one UA club or organization.