The University of Arizona


Connecting Students to Opportunity

In an ongoing effort to produce the best student experience and link students to rewarding careers after graduation, three UA offices have combined to create a new unit. 

UA Student Engagement and Career Development unites Career Services, the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Programs, under a singular mission - to ensure the UA prepares all graduates to create lives of opportunity aligned with their purpose and values. 


New UA Class Most Diverse in School History

The University of Arizona's new class is the most diverse in university history, with 46 percent coming from diverse backgrounds. The roughly 10,000 new student cohort has representation from all 50 states, and will join more than 30,000 other students on campus.

In addition to being the most diverse class, the 2017 cohort also boasts increases in academic quality and test scores.

According to enrollment data, academic performance of incoming freshmen from Arizona is at an all-...

UA Set to Open Coding Boot Camp in Tucson

In an increasingly digital and mobile world, the University of Arizona is set to launch the UA Coding Boot Camp in Tucson, a program that will teach students the basics of web-development skills in a span of just 24 weeks. 

The program, offered through UA Continuing and Professional Education, is a critical investment in the future success of Arizona's workforce, filling market needs for web developers and tech professionals. 

The UA Coding...