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Top 5 Study Tips for Finals Week According to Wildcats

With finals week quickly approaching, we decided to ask over 300 real UA students, “What’s your best study tip?” Here are the top 5 study tips your students need to know for finals week, according to Wildcats. 

5. Use repetition. Rewrite everything. 

Four Ways to Increase Sense of Belonging

How can institutions increase their students’ sense of belonging?

It’s an important question that many colleges and universities are asking themselves. In higher education, numerous studies have shown that students are more likely to persist and be retained if they feel a strong sense of belonging.

Sense of belonging can be broadly defined as the extent to which students feel personally accepted, respected, included, and supported by others at their institution. 


UA Advances Accessibility with University-Wide Captioning

The University of Arizona is one of the leading institutions increasing accessibility for all students through university-wide captioning efforts.

Captioning initiatives at the UA were driven by the University’s desire to make information accessible to everyone from the start. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) plays a central role in this effort, housing an accessibility team that fuels every department to meet full compliance in captioning.

The UA takes a hybrid approach to...