The University of Arizona


UA on Track to Gain HSI Designation

The University of Arizona is set to become one of only three AAU premier research institutions and one of 8 Carnegie R1’s to be named a Hispanic-Serving Institution.

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) are defined as colleges and universities where the enrollment of students of Hispanic ethnicity constitutes a minimum of 25 percent of total enrollment. 

The UA recently met this milestone and is expected to receive its formal designation as an HSI by the U.S. Department of...

UA Use Data to Up Student Retention

The University of Arizona is one of the leading institutions utilizing data to make real progress in student success and retention, according to a recent article by KJZZ.

For the 2017-2018 academic year, student retention at the UA reached an all-time high in school history at 83 percent. Strong retention rates indicate that greater numbers of students who enter the UA stay and eventually graduate.

A big part of this success can be attributed to the UA’s use of data and...

Modernizing Career Readiness

While face-to-face appointments for resume critiques and interview practice have worked in the past, today's students have dynamic needs that must be met with updated models of career readiness. 

At the University of Arizona, campus leaders such as Melissa Vito, senior vice president for Student Affairs, Enrollment Management and Strategic Initiatives, anticipated these needs and built a new model of career readiness that has helped UA students reach a new level of career success.  ...