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Wildcat Advice - Choosing a Major

What should my major be? It's a question many students ask themselves throughout their college career. For incoming students, the uncertainty of being in an undecided or undeclared major can lead to stress and anxiety, for not only themselves but also their families. 

Mary Frances Kuper, Associate Director of Career Education, was on hand to give her advice in a recent interivew with KGUN9. Here are her best tips for undeclared or undecided students: 

  1. Realize you're not alone. On average, students change their major about four to five times throughout their college journey. 
  2. Look at your values. What energizes and excites you? 
  3. Focus more on the skills you can obtain within your degree, rather than the degree itself. Today's students average six different career changes in their lifetime. 

Last, it's important to remember that many people in the workforce hold a job that is not completely related to their major.

According to Abra McAndrew, Assistant Vice Provost of Student Engagement, only about 25 percent of college graduates and 37 percent of UA alumni say they’re doing a job completely related to their degree. Yet, the vast majority (84 percent nationally and 95 percent for UA) say they enjoy what they do.

There you have it, Wildcats! If you'd like to watch KGUN9's full coverage, click here. Additionally, for college success hacks from real UA students, click here