The University of Arizona

UA Online Sees 280 Percent Year-to-Year Growth

Since its debut in fall 2015, UA Online has seen a 280 percent increase in its year-to-year growth. This fall, enrollment figures for fully online graduate and undergraduate students are expected to surpass 3,000, placing UA Online on target to meet or exceed the Arizona Board of Regents' goals for online enrollment. 

Much of this growth can be attributed to the addition of complete undergraduate programs available at UA Online, including the successful introduction of a complete selection of general education courses. 

UA Online's rapid ascent can also be attributed to its unique educational model. Unlike other universities around the country that rely on third-party outsourcing, the UA built its online platform from the ground up, entirely in-house. This crucial differentiator gives the UA a level of quality control that allows it to deliver the same faculty, courses and degrees as those on campus.

This year, in its first year of eligiblity, UA Online was ranked by U.S. News & World Report in the top quarter of all online bachelor's programs. 

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