The University of Arizona

UA Innovates Traditional Models to Help Non-Traditional Students

The University of Arizona is ahead of the curve in serving and ensuring non-traditional students find success. 

Across the United States, colleges and universities are seeing an increase in the number of non-traditional students seeking postsecondary education. These students often deal with obstacles such a mobility, family obligations, and current career. 

Through new educational offerings, such as the UA's first-of-its-kind global micro-campus model and UA Online, non-traditional students at UA are thriving -- receiving an extraordinary, engaged student experience and access to UA's suite of world-class degrees. 

For example, the University works with students individually to create customized schedules, recommend class modalities to best fit their needs, and structure programs to accommodate their ability to attend. Moreover, UA Online ensures students receive the best student experience through support from an in-house team of support specialists. UA Online is also taught directly by UA's own faculty, leveraging students with the same professors, courses, and world-class education experienced by on-campus students. 

Other innovative services and offerings provided by UA to help non-traditional students thrive include: the Second Start readmission program, which re-engages students who previously departed due to life circumstances, certificate programs such as the UA Coding Boot Camp, and ongoing professional development offerings that prepare students for future career change, including Fast Track: Digital Market and Fast Track: Adobe Creative Cloud. Through these offerings, students can earn microcredentials in highly focused educational programs, while gaining the hands-on, real-world experiences they need to thrive in the workforce. 

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