The University of Arizona

Retention Rates, Student Success Soar at UA

Thanks in large part to campuswide collaborations and in-depth data analysis to increase student success, the University of Arizona has exceeded the Arizona Board of Regent's (ABOR) goal of 83 percent retention rate for the 2017-2018 academic year. 

In fact, retention rates for international students have hit an all-time high at nearly 89 percent. Retention rates have also risen for both Arizona residents and out-of-state students, with retention rates of the latter increasing by two percentage points over the previous year. 

A number of factors have contributed to the rise in student success, including increases in student support services and financial aid. For example, academic support resources such as the Think Tank's Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program continues to help Wildcats thrive at the UA. In addition, new financial aid programs, such as the Silver and Sage Award, have contributed to a quick three-point rise in retention from Fall 2016 to Spring 2017. 

Most innovative is the UA's extensive use of dynamic, living data to identify areas of improvement and points of intervention in the student experience. For example, through the Office of University Analytics and Institutional Research's (UAIR) data warehouse, in addition to advanced analytics from Civitas Learning, UA administrators found that a C in English 101 may indicate that a student has not mastered the writing skills needed to successfully complete upper-level coursework as a junior and senior.

Data-informed practices will continue to play an influential role in the success of the University. In the near future, the UA will look to surge success for second-year students. Today, outreach and campuswide collaborations with academic advisors, faculty, and staff have already begun. 

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