The University of Arizona

A New Level of Workforce Readiness – UA’s 100% Engagement Initiative

In a recent meeting with Phoenix business leaders, Melissa Vito learned it was not business costs or supply chains that concerned them about Arizona. Rather, it was the quality of the state’s talent pipeline and educated workforce. 

Years ago, the University of Arizona anticipated these concerns and in 2015, created the 100% Engagement Initiative to address these problems. The goal was simple – to make UA graduates the most competitive in career and graduate-school markets. 

Through the 100% Engagement Initiative, students can reach a new level of workforce readiness by conducting research with faculty, completing an internship, launching a business, and studying abroad. 


"Our 100% Engagement commitment ensures that every student learns and applies skills imperative for career success -- such as communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and project management - before they graduate, therby creating success on the job from Day One. This is a new level of workforce readiness." - Melissa Vito, senior vice president for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, senior vice provost for Academic Intiatives and Student Success. 


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