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Kasey Urquidez Featured in Forbes, Talks AI’s Role in College Admissions

Kasey Urquidez

Artificial intelligence is a concept that may sound more at home in a science fiction novel than a college admissions office. But predictive technology could play an important role in the university setting, says Kasey Urquidez, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Advancement, and Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Arizona.

Urquidez was featured in a recent Forbes article, “Artificial Intelligence: Hero or Villain in Higher Education?” that explores the possibilities AI offers college institutions.

Through the use of algorithms and pattern recognition, AI automates repetitive activities. Over time, the automation becomes increasingly efficient through a process known as machine learning.

This means repetitive tasks, such as reviewing college applications at the beginning of the admissions funnel, could be made drastically more efficient, thereby improving the student experience.

In the article, Urquidez said that AI would not be used to eliminate applicants automatically. Rather, it could be utilized as a component of a university’s enrollment strategy to enhance the admissions process by helping staff identify good matches more easily.

Although AI has the power to fill gaps along the student journey and improve staff productivity, many facets of the college experience will continue to require human-to-human interaction, according to the article. For example, teaching and learning are activities with low levels of repeatability.

Within the admissions office, AI could also be used to trigger staff members when an issue arises that requires more time and care, such as when a student is facing a personal challenge that is best addressed with individualized attention.

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