The University of Arizona

How to Save Money While Earning a UA Degree

The University of Arizona provides innovative solutions to college affordability. Through its online programs, distance learning centers, and international micro-campuses, students have the ability to earn a world-class degree in the right path for them. 

For example, a semester at UA South in Sierra Vista will cost students about $8,500, saving them nearly $6,000 per academic year. In fact, UA South and other UA distance learning centers are specifically designed to offer specialized degree programs that are both affordable and accessible to local communities. 

UA Online is also an option for students that want to save money and earn their degree from anywhere. Whether students are looking to complete their bachelor's degree, earn a certificate, or a higher-level master's degree, UA Online has plenty of options with more than 80 degree programs to choose from. UA Online is especially a good option for part-time students because the online platform allows students to pay per credit instead of an overall rate like on-campus students.

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