The University of Arizona

Cracking Open the Red Bull: Entrepreneurialism in Higher Education

It’s no secret Melissa Vito runs on Red Bull. In fact, hanging in her office is a Warhol-esque painting of a can of Red Bull. The energy drink is associated with energy, velocity, achievement, and action – qualities that puzzlingly aren’t associated with higher education. 

According to Vito, the problem here rests squarely on administrative structures and functions. While research faculty are pursuing frontiers of knowledge and students are developing apps to improve their lives, most administrative structures continue to be unchanged. Fueling an entrepreneurial spirit leads to a more competitive, enterprising, and effective organization in higher education – one that is more responsive and focused on eliminating problems.

How can institutions foster the entrepreneurial spirit? Here’s what Melissa Vito, UA’s senior vice president for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, senior vice provost for Academic Initiatives and Student Success, had to say on the matter. 

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