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CatPulse Year-in-Review: 8 Goals for 18’

With 2017 quickly coming to a close, we decided to put together a special edition of CatPulse to recap the lessons that we learned from Wildcats. This year, we surveyed over 300 real UA students to learn about their UA experience. 

So if you’re looking to kick the new year off right, check out our Wildcats’ top 8 goals for 2018!

#8. Be as dedicated as the 93 UA students who binge watched Season 2 of Stranger Things within the first week. 

#7. Be as smooth as the 1 UA student who answered "one handsome devil," when asked "what's your Halloween costume?" 

#6. Unplug from mobile devices with the 3% of Wildcats who don't use social media. 

#5. Prioritize self-care like the 34 Wildcats who listed sleep as their favorite thing to do outside of class. 

#4. Be as inspired as the 8 Wildcats who answered "myself" when asked "who's the most influential person in your life?" 

#3. Be as wholesome as the 8 UA students who listed "spending time with my family" as the #1 item on their holiday wish list. 

#2. Love your work as much as the 94% of Wildcats that say they love the UA! 

1. Be as confident as 96% of Wildcats are about the quality of their UA education. 

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