The University of Arizona



The University of Arizona's Faculty Fellows program was initiated in 1984 by Interim Dean of Students Cliff Lytle, who was a Political Science faculty member. Dean Lytle recognized the importance of student-faculty interactions outside of the classroom and, accordingly, institutionalized the Faculty Fellows program. The program aims to create an increased connection between faculty and students by supporting meaningful interactions in a non-classroom setting, leading to a smooth transition from high school to university, more effective decision making, an ever-deepening love of learning and, ultimately, graduation from the University. Fellows are nominated for service by faculty and staff and go through a selection process. Many of our Fellows are recognized for their contributions to teaching and student life at the University at both the local and national level.


Currently, there are 55 Faculty Fellows who are assigned to more 41 on-campus sites, including all of the undegraduate residence halls, cultural centers, and many resource centers. Each Fellow brings a unique perspective and passion to their assigned site. Fellows take students on hikes, cook, go to arts events, mentor, and spend much time connecting one on one with students. Furthermore, Fellows collaborate with one another to organize cross-Fellow, cross-site, cross-disciplinary programming that gets students from across campus engaging with one another. These types of programming activities further students' connection to the faculty and also to the University of Arizona at large, ultimately making this large school feel much smaller.


Examples of what Faculty Fellows do:

  • Weekend camping trips at the Grand Canyon
  • Star gazing on Mount Lemmon
  • Ski and snowboard trips in Flagstaff
  • Cooking local, sustainable meals
  • Hiking Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon
  • Taking students to theater, musical, and dance permormances
  • Volunteering with students at the local children's hospital
  • Collaborating with students to explore innovative solutions to real-world problems


The Faculty Fellows also meet monthly to connect with each other, learn more about campus resources to help them in their roles, share ideas, and help develop the direction of the program.